Make Your Mark Anywhere

At Northeastern, students earn more than just an education—they gain relevant, real-world skills and experience. Our signature experiential learning model combines academics with professional practice, allowing students to put their ideas into action and graduate with firsthand industry knowledge.

Gain the skills and knowledge you need for tomorrow’s careers with experiential learning opportunities that you can participate in today. We offer a variety of unique options you can tailor to your lifestyle.

Take the Next Step

Experiential learning is a powerful way to learn. Our graduates develop the real-world skills they need to take the next step in their career—while they learn—in a format, and on a schedule, that fits their lifestyle. Take the next step in gaining new experience in your field by reaching out to our advisors now at

Full-time Co-op

All our academic programs offer the opportunity to participate in full-time co-ops or internships. Students on co-op work in a paid position in their field of study for three to six months.

Experiential Learning at Work

If you are a working professional already, you can collaborate with your current employer to develop a customized project that addresses a key business need at your company to gain more experience.

Experiential Network (XN)

The Experiential Network (XN) helps graduate and professional learners integrate and apply their learning and development in a real-world professional setting.

International Students

We combine classroom teaching with real work experiences through co-ops, internships, and our signature XN Project—helping you gain a deeper grasp of your studies and a global perspective.

Employers & Sponsors

This is where rising and experienced professionals connect with our global employer partners to meet their needs and move industries forward.